Carnebello Dry Food Poultry & Rice
Dry Food
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Complete feed for adult dogs with normal energy requirements

High-quality dry feed with poultry & rice · without sugar, artificial colours and flavours

Our Eggersmann Carnebello Dry Food Poultry & Rice is a high-quality complete food with the finest ingredients. The delicious croquettes contain easily digestible poultry, rice and healthy whole grains. Rice is a carbohydrate source that is particularly kind to the stomach and intestines and keeps your dog full for a long time. The poultry it contains provides valuable animal protein and the whole grains naturally contain important B vitamins and minerals, so that your dog is supplied with all the necessary nutrients. To support intestinal activity and a balanced intestinal flora, the Carnebello Dry Food Poultry & Rice also contains apple pomace rich in pectin, a natural fiber with prebiotic properties. Our tasty recipe is refined with local herbs, so with our dry food you offer your dog a meal that is not only delicious but also healthy. Our Eggersmann Carnebello Dry Food Poultry & Rice is suitable for all adult, normally active dogs due to its high digestibility and can also be fed to people with sensitive digestion.

Poultry protein 23 %
Rice flour 16 %
Whole grain corn
Whole grain barley
Poultry fat
Beet fibre (desugared)
Hydrolized liver
almatörköly 1,3 %
Sunflower oil
Beef fat
növényi olaj
Sárgarépa szárítva
hőkezelt szójadara
Green oat (dried and chopped)
Napraforgó mag
Herbs in total: 0,3 %
nyers-fehérje 23,00 %
Nyers-zsiradék 10,00 %
nyers-rost 2,00 %
nyers-hamu 5,50 %
nedvesség 9,00 %
kálcium 1,35 %
foszfor 0,80 %
kálium 0,55 %
nátrium 0,25 %
magnézium 0,08 %
A vitamin NA 10.250,00 I.E.
D3 vitamin NA 1.000,00 I.E.
E vitamin NA 60,00 mg
B1 vitamin NA 4,00 mg
B2 vitamin (3a825i) NA 6,00 mg
Kálcium-panthotenat NA 10,00 mg
Nikotin sav NA 45,00 mg
B6 vitamin NA 3,00 mg
Folsav NA 2,00 mg
Biotin NA 350,00 mcg
B12 vitamin NA 60,00 mcg
Vas NA 80,00 mg
Cink NA 80,00 mg
Réz NA 8,00 mg
Mangán NA 5,00 mg
Jód NA 2,00 mg
Szelén (3b801) NA 0,15 mg

NA = tápértékkel rendelkező adalékanyagok
ZA = állattenyésztés-technológiai adalékanyagok
TA = technológiai adalékanyagok
SA = érzékszervi adalékanyagok
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