Körnerpick Laying Hen Pellets
Complete Feed
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Complete feed for laying hens

Laying hen feed gently pressed into pellets for an optimal supply of nutrients and immune-boosting oregano oil, also suitable for selective eaters

With our Körnerpick Laying Hen Pellets Oregano, you can offer your chickens a protein- and energy-rich, GMO-free complete feed. The dosage form, gently pressed with steam and pressure, delivers the same nutrient content with every 3mm pellet. This prevents the selection of individual grain components and ensures balanced nutrient uptake for optimally formed eggs. The basis is formed by the best and, if possible, regional grain raw materials, which are mixed with high-quality vegetable oil and soy. Vitamins and minerals are balanced in such a way that they optimally support the increased metabolic performance during the laying period of our chickens, but also of other types of poultry. The oregano oil it contains has proven itself in poultry feeding to support the immune system and a balanced intestinal flora, which is particularly beneficial for our beloved poultry in times of stress.
Our Laying Hen Pellets Oregano are also suitable for feeding poultry such as geese and ducks.

Soybean extruded meal (GMO-free) from hulled seed, steam-heated
Vegetable oil (GMO free)
Monocalcium phosphate
hőkezelt szójadara
Wheat stillage dried
nyers-fehérje 17,50 %
Nyers-zsiradék 4,70 %
nyers-rost 2,40 %
nyers-hamu 12,20 %
kálcium 3,60 %
foszfor 0,60 %
nátrium 0,15 %
lizin 0,90 %
metionin 0,40 %
A vitamin NA 10.000,00 I.E.
D3 vitamin NA 3.000,00 I.E.
E vitamin NA 20,00 mg
Réz NA 10,00 mg
Mangán NA 80,00 mg
Szelén (3b801) NA 0,40 mg
Vas NA 80,00 mg
Cink NA 80,00 mg
Jód NA 0,50 mg
Oregano oil SA
Zitronensäure (E330) TA
Propyl gallate (E 310) TA 0,35 mg
Butylhydroxytoluol (BHT) (E 321) TA 0,85 mg

NA = tápértékkel rendelkező adalékanyagok
ZA = állattenyésztés-technológiai adalékanyagok
TA = technológiai adalékanyagok
SA = érzékszervi adalékanyagok
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